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What Makes Cordless Power Tools Great…and a Pain

Power tools originally had to come with electrical cords. This could really hamper one's performance because the length of the cord would be a great limit to the person who is working. It would also be something that is going to get in one's way. Fortunately, cordless power tools can be great to use to avoid this problem. There are both great advantages and disadvantages to them.


One of the best things about a cordless tool is that there is greater power tool safety involved. That's because with no outside cords involved the user will not trip over any cords like one would when there are cords present. Another instance involves the how electric errors can come with cords. Without any cords there will be no risk of electrocution. In fact, there is less chances of any shocks to take place as a result.

A cordless tool will also work on a battery. Many of these tools will come with at least one power tool battery, but in some cases multiple ones will be available. This can be very convenient, but in the event that there are no spare batteries coming with the tool it would be a good idea to get a spare one at the store that the tool was bought at.

Another advantage is that the power that is used will not be as great as that of other types of power tools. This means that for smaller projects there will not be as much energy required because of the small energy capacity. In fact, for home projects this will be a great choice.

There are a few concerns though. While power tool safety is important it should be known that in the event of an accident one cannot just go and unplug the power tool. The tool should have a good on/off switch to it that can be easily reached for safety.

Also, since the power tool will not be as powerful this will not be the best option for larger projects. In fact, the battery for the cordless tool can have a short life. Whereas the power tool battery can be infinite if it was plugged in this will not be the case for the cordless type. Having replacement batteries will be useful.

The last of the disadvantages is that the cost of a cordless tool will be greater than that of a standard tool. This is all based on the convenience of the power tool.

Those are all things to consider when looking for cordless power tools. It is best to contact a local power tool store for information regarding the tools that are available and the jobs that one has before determining whether or not a cordless tool should be used. Don't forget to consider the power, safety, battery and price of the tools.


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